Taking the best of both worlds, an All-In-One computer has the slim line style and compact design of a laptop, plus the full sized screen, comfort of a keyboard, and power of a desktop PC.

Leading Brands
You will find a selection of All-In-One PCs from leading brands such as Asus, Dell and Hewlett Packard with a choice of features so you can choose exactly what you need and want. You will also discover an exciting range of Apple All-In-One computers with characteristically stunning design and huge screens.

Why Buy An All-In-One PC?
There are some good reasons why you should choose an AIO machine as your next computer. They typically have larger screens and are perfect for family use as they make an excellent entertainment centre. And, of course, they are great space savers.

Since the whole machine effectively works from one monitor, you eliminate clutter. For those who like minimalist style, or for those who are simply short on space, an All-In-One PC is a great solution.

AIO computers are great to use with the latest operating systems and, though a keyboard and mouse come as standard, many All-In-One PCs now have touchscreens. This opens up a whole new world of using touch on the large screen.

Screen sizes do vary but typically AIO PCs will have a 20-inch or larger screen with many over 23-inch. And, with All-In-One PCs, the set-up is usually simple – you just plug in and you’re ready to go.

For those who prefer Mac to Windows, take a look at the Apple iMac – the ultimate All-In-One desktop. A host of innovations have resulted in a design where the edge of the display is just 5mm thin, while the display is set up against the glass rather than behind it, making images appear to jump out at you. It really is an incredible machine.

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